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Business Type: Natural Stone
Main Products:
Granite, Block Slabs Tiles, Monuments, Pavers Cobbles, Basalt, Labradorite
Country/Region: UkraineUkraine
Established: Jan 01,2018
Verification Type: level 1YR
Company Description

We offer production and export our goods for natural stones of any complexity. At our enterprise you can order stone products according to your own sketches, as well as choose from a ready-made assortment, you can get acquainted with typical products below.

The history of the company "Granit" dates back to 1999. This year, the owners of the enterprise developed their own quarry for the extraction of gabbro black stone located in the Zhytomyr region, near the village of Vysokoye (Chernyakhovsky district). In parallel with the development of our own deposit, a plant for the processing and production of stone products was founded nearby, which currently includes:
Own warehouse
It is intended for storage of finished products made to order, but typical products, such as paving stones, tiles, slabs and the like, are stored in a protected area in the open.
Logistic hub
It connects a quarry, production shops and a warehouse, which allows you to quickly organize the delivery of finished products by rail and road, not only throughout Ukraine, but also abroad.
Four production lines
Here the whole main process for the production of stone products takes place - machines cut blocks into blanks and slabs, from which slabs, curbs, typical monuments, balusters and other elements of construction and ritual orientation are subsequently made.
Art workshop
Specialists with hand tools work in the art workshop - they are the ones who create unique and complex architectural forms from stone, they make exclusive sculptures, carve figured monuments, balustrades, fireplaces, flowerpots, bas-reliefs, statues and other details.
Design and architectural bureau
This is the part of the company where craftsmen work from a creative point of view. Here, landscape and road improvement projects are created and carried out, unique sketches of stone panels and mosaics are developed, drawings of memorial complexes are made.
From 2000 to 2005, the Granit company supplemented its profile by increasing its raw material base - from that moment on, the plant cooperates directly with all stone quarries in Ukraine, and arranges the supply of stone blocks from abroad. Now the plant manufactures products not only from its own stone, but also from marble, granite, basalt, labradorite, travertine, sandstone, quartzite, limestone and many other rocks.
Until 2013, the company is actively developing as an international wholesale supplier of stone products. The company participates in major construction projects in Ukraine (construction of the Olympic Stadium, reconstruction of Independence Square, etc.) performs record deliveries to such countries as: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia

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